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As the puppy's owner and master you will want to raise that pup to be the very best that it can be. This can only happen if the pup RESPECTS you. Respect does not mean that the dog trembles when you walk into a room. That's fear. Respect is a deep admiration for who you are and what you represent in your pup's life. When your dog Respects you, he looks straight into your eyes and awaits your next command. He is willing to work or play, comfort and console when you need him. This type of respect comes from the early stages of handling him in the areas of love and discipline. They must go hand in hand through the early stages of puppy ownership. It is important to note that too much discipline and strictness without love will create a fearful dog and perhaps even a fear biter. On the other hand, too much unearned adoration and praise from you will cause your pup to grow up thinking only of himself as king of the house, very selfish and self-centered. This can happen all too easy if the balance is not maintained. Discipline is not smacking your pup for something he has done. It means correcting him in a method as close to nature as possible so that he understands clearly the errors he's making. Then bounce back with love and forgiveness once the pup shows signs of submission and sorrow due to not pleasing you. Forget the transgression and carry on.

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