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Puppy proofing your home

Thanks you for your contract and deposit, take a few minutes and look over the following page. If you have any questions please let me know, and welcome to our puppy family :0)

For the first couple days when you first bring your new puppy home, it probably won't get into too many  dangerous situations, but once he feels a bit at home, brace yourself, the curiosity level will start to overcome your sweet little puppy. Therefore, some preparations around your home need to be taken to insure safety for the pup and your belongings. Usually, a veterinary clinic can provide a list of poisonous house plants. Certain
Ones can be deadly to your puppy. The movement of the leaves of the plant is very motivating to your puppy, so it's a best bet to move all plants out of his reach, especially in the rooms where the pup would be unsupervised. Also, Place all breakable or valuable ornaments or treasures up out of his reach. Removing the items eliminates the possibility of frustration and destruction of these articles, however if you choose to leave them within
Reach, you must be prepared to make the appropriate corrections when the pup invest-gates. For correcting the pup for handling inappropriate household articles, I have found that sound and voice corrections work the best. When you see your pup interested or involved with an off limits item, stomp your foot, or clap your hands and use a very stern and growly “NO” command. The pup almost always will immediately stop the behavior and look at you providing you do the correction properly. If he's not leaving the item, then you must go to him and remove him from it. Urgent tones in your voice are usually enough to distract the pup from his own curiosity interests. However, if you're short on training time or patience, perhaps the prevention method would be best for the early Stages of the pup's home life.

Puppy Proofing

Soft clothing articles like sneakers, leather shoes, socks and other assorted undergarments simulate soft animal like objects that are irresistible to your puppy. To a puppy, these are play items that if left laying around, are there for his or her enjoyment, so prepare the family members to keep things off the floor as they are fair game to the pup. Now remember we are talking about a puppy. As the dog gets older and starts bonding, these items begin to replace your presence when you are not home due to a stronger human scent that accompanies these items. Of course, there are many, many household items that need to be removed from the puppy's reach. Items such as pin cushions, sewing needles, household cleaners, soaps, candy dishes, pens, pencils, thumb tacks, paper clips, yarn, paint, modeling clay, crayons and the list goes on and on. Puppy proof your home for your new puppy in the same way as you would for a toddler aged child.

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