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Training Information

Hi Welcome to Your Puppy Training information.

I hope you find the information in these pages to be helpful. Just click on the Link to take you to the page.

Welcome to the fun, fantastic, thrilling and challenging world of puppy rearing. You are in for what could be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Within this CD, I hope to offer you some simple, down to earth methods and techniques to help you along in your journey. Some ideas you may have heard of before, some you may not. Remember, there may be more than one answer or solution for any one particular question or problem that arises.

Consideration has to be given to your puppy's breed, personality, purpose of that particular breed, physical size and body structure when applying a method. I will give you as many options as I can in the various topics following this introduction section. We stick to "Mother Nature's" methods of correction and praise when dealing with puppies or dogs since this is the language they will immediately understand, comprehend and respect. Mother Nature's way as we have seen fit to term it, works for all breeds. The intensity of this method will vary from dog to dog. You will learn more about this unique method we have studied as we progress. Why Mother Nature's methods Simply, there has been over the years as many methods developed by different trainers as there are fads from the Beatles of the 60's to disco of the early 80's. We are not saying that these methods don't work but we choose to use the most natural of all.

And of course.......OBEDIENCE TRAINING .........so your puppy learns at a very early age to be an acceptable Member of the family and reliable companion dog. You must keep an open mind when dealing with your new puppy. Patience is crucial but you must also think about the method that will best work for your specific puppy's personality. Just as all people are different in character, so are puppies. What works with one pup may need to be adjusted a bit to suit your own puppy. The important thing to remember is to discipline the puppy for an inappropriate behavior and love them to pieces the moment the behavior is altered. Just as the human child goes through various stages of development, so does a puppy as it matures towards adulthood. (i.e. infant, toddler, elementary, adolescence, puberty and finally adulthood.) Good luck, have fun with your new puppy. The first five months will go by very quickly so start as soon as possible down that road of mutual "RESPECT" between you and your puppy.

This manual was original made by Houssen's Puppy Manual, Jim & Darr Houssen, 863 Indian Mountain Rd., Indian Mountain, Moncton  New Brunswick, Canada  E1G 3M9


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