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Buying Online/Legal Breeder

Purchasing your new puppy through the  Internet  can be a safe experience if you take the right steps.

Here are a few things to look for when looking online for your new pet.

  • Dose the breeder have a written health warranty that you can read, sign and send in. so you know what they cover and what they do not?
  • Is the breeder abiding by all local breeding laws? You should make sure you know or research the local laws for where the breeder is located, are they abiding by them?

For instance puppy breeders  Missouri if you have more then 3 females you have to be state licensed and inspected by the state. Doing this  will insure that your new pet has been raised under stringent regulations and the BEST conditions- and that the facility having been officially inspected yearly by an inspector. That is NOT working for the breeder.

  • Always make sure the dog breeder has a website . Professional breeders want to offer all puppy parents information about buying, adopting, and even taking care of a puppy safely. A website should give a potential puppy buyer important information about the breeder.
  • Don't buy from any foreign country such as Nigeria, Africa and Germany. These are mostly scams.  
  • Always make sure the breeder is a member of breeding organizations, or breed clubs.
  • Don't allow the breeder use e-mail alone as the only form of communication. We speak with each and every puppy buyer that is in the final steps of making a decision. I ask several important questions of them and they are free to ask questions of me. Through this means, we both are able to discern if the particular puppy that they are interested in is the perfect puppy match for them, and they in turn can get a better sense of whether they want to adopt one of our puppies.
  • Make sure the breeder will be there for you after the sale of the puppy, to many breeders take the money and do not offer any support after the puppy arrives home.
  • Make sure the breeder has a take back policy, if for some reason you can no longer care for the puppy. As their responsibility dose NOT end when that puppy is sold or placed
  • Always make sure the breeder takes paypal or personal checks, never buy from some one that just takes money orders or wire transfers
  • Make sure the moms and dads are health screened on a regular basis, and make sure they are not over the age of 6.. Especially moms they should be retired by this age in our opinion.

Dog breeders Missouri have state laws to go by. When looking at puppies for sale Missouri make sure the breeder is inspected.

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