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Shipping Puppies

When it comes to shipping puppies by them self we are NOT allowed to do this. In Nov 2013 the US Department Of Agriculture (USDA)
Changed the Animal Welfare Act. Stating if a breeder has more them 4 females of any species they must be USDA licensed and inspected in order to ship animals site unseen in person.

Since we are State Of Missouri Licensed and inspected we don't feel it is necessary to become USDA Licensed. The State Of Missouri laws are stricter then USDA laws.

So if you don't live within driving distance you will need to come pick up your puppy or we can hand deliver him/her to you. The cost of this is all expense plus $150.00 for our time.


You live in New York, and need us to deliver to you

Description Cost
Airline ticke for us  $400.00
Airline Puppy fee  $125.00
Hotel - If needed  $ 25.00
Our Fee  $150.00
Total Delivery Fee  $755.00

Please note we can take 1 or 2 puppies on the plane for the  $125.00.
Of course if you have flyer miles that will save you some money. When we deliver the puppies they NEVER leave our site, they go on the plane with us and sit at our feet.

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